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Shubhyog is a well planned, completely secured grand plotting scheme by Remonesa and Kohinoor spanning over 28 acres of land located at Asawali, Shirwal. At 65 kms. from Pune and just 4 kms. from the Mumbai-Bangalore highway, the plot sizes start from 2000 sq. ft. and the project has already experienced more than 66% returns in just two years!

My Plot. My Space. My Enjoyment!

Land is a tangible asset unlike stocks, shares or fixed deposits. Your investment in gold too stays in the locker but it cannot give you the pleasure of companionship like your plot. At Shubhyog, you can enjoy your investment in various ways, till you decide to construct. Check out how!

  • Plant fruit trees in the side margins
  • Create a small kitchen garden on your plot and enjoy the seasonal vegetables
  • Have your own lawn area surrounded by flower garden
  • You can even build your own small shelter at reasonable cost

We have a full time horticulturist to guide and assist you in selection and plantation of suitable plants. We have also developed a sample kitchen garden and nursery with variety of fruit and flower plants to select from. With our assistance and your enthusiasm, you can convert your plot into a weekend destination and enjoy what you have invested in!

While you continue enjoying your investment, the transformation of your plot will also increase its value giving you one more reason to smile. More the enjoyment, more the appreciation. Possible only at Shubhyog!

Appreciable investment option with enjoyable features!
  • Surrounded by serene hills on three sides.
  • Every plot enjoys a stunning view.
  • Grand entrance gate
  • Prefab wall fencing for each plot
  • Electricity connection for each plot
  • Name and number plate for each plot
  • Internal wide roads with street lights
  • Club house, gymnasium, sports zone,
  • Sit out area
Appreciable investment option with enjoyable features!

Traditional Game Zone :
Explore the forgotten joys of life at this special zone. Indulge in a variety of traditional games and relive the past!

Hobby Zone with instruments :
Revive the hidden artist in you. Paint the canvas in your own way or let the strings connect you with your true self!

Exclusive Sports Zone :
Play it your way and be the master of the game!

24 hour Horticulturist :
Now you don't have to worry about the plants on your plot. We have an expert to take care of them!

Shubhyog Location Map
Shubhyog Layout Plan

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