What should I check?

In order to be fully sure of your investment, check the following things before you invest in a plot:

  • Plot must be NA
  • 7/12 must be on your name
  • Project infrastructure (light, road, fencing, water etc.) must be well-developed
  • Present and future maintenance assistance from the developer
  • Growth prospect of the region
  • Availability of bank loan
  • Plot security
What about the security?

Buying a plot can be a major concern for investors if it is not well-secured. At Shubhyog, total security of the plot and its surroundings is ensured by Remonesa. Your doubts about security of your plot will get totally cleared once you visit the site. The entire project area is secured by compound wall. Your plot is secured by prefab wall and not just by barbed wire. Grand entrance gate of the project stands tall giving you the feeling of exclusivity coupled with security.

When to buy?

The best time to buy plots is when the growth is just beginning in a particular area. Usually, the best place to buy plots is outside the city as city limits don’t have many plots left. When the outskirts of a city start developing, it is an ideal time to think about investing. In Shirwal, a lot of development is taking place, be it industrial, educational or residential. This development will lead to a tremendous rise in property prices in the years to come. Thus, this is the perfect time to buy land and wait for a few years so that you can enjoy extraordinary returns.

Where to buy?

Shirwal is one of the rapidly growing destinations for investments. Its proven track record so far and expected growth rate is attracting a number of investors to this golden opportunity.

Why Shirwal?

  • Shirwal region is throbbing with major industrial activity with a turnover of more than 7500 crores.
  • Investment in Shirwal has fetched around 400% returns in last five years.
  • Around 73 top companies have already found their operations centre at Shirwal. This includes Godrej, Finolex, Asian Paints etc.
  • Compared to Chakan, Talegaon, Pirangut and Ranjangaon, Shirwal is much better choice considering ongoing rates at these places and growth prospects.
  • Immense job opportunities and increased demand for plots
  • Full-fledged educational institutes including schools, engineering colleges and other facilities nearby
  • Easy connectivity to Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.
Why N.A. lands?

If you are thinking about investing in plots, always opt for only clear title Residential NA Plots. Plots at Shubhyog are clear title collector sanctioned residential NA plots. There are four major types of NA plots - Godown NA, Farmhouse NA, Collector NA and Residential NA. Only residential NA plots are eligible for loan and you also get fast appreciation for these plots. Before buying any plot it is essential to confirm that plot is a residential NA plot.

Why to invest in plots?

Land cannot be created. Statistics shows that population of growing cities doubles every 15 years. With this increase, demand for plots (residential, industrial or agriculture) rises. Eventually, city limits start expanding horizontally and distance of nearby areas from that city keeps on reducing, which results in increase in demand of plots ultimately resulting in increased prices. Investment in fixed deposit may get depleted by inflation. Investments in jewellery, shares and mutual funds are subject to market risks. There is no scope for land value to get depreciated. It just has to rise, rise and rise only!

Land is a tangible asset unlike stocks, shares or fixed deposits. Your investment in gold too stays in the locker but it cannot give you the pleasure of companionship like your plot. At Shubhyog, you can enjoy your investment in various ways, till you decide to construct. With our assistance and your enthusiasm, you can convert your plot into a weekend destination and enjoy what you have invested in! While you continue enjoying your investment, the transformation of your plot will also increase its value giving you one more reason to smile. More the enjoyment, more the appreciation. Possible only at Shubhyog!

For more details, read our BLOG on documentation required for plot investments

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